Telstra is among a large number of stakeholders to make a submission to the panel conducting the NBN cost-benefit analysis and review of regulatory arrangements, making a number of suggestions for improvements for a more effective and efficient network rollout. Telstra also stressed that if infrastructure based competition with the NBN is allowed, steps must be taken to provide a level playing field for telecommunications providers to compete on.

The submission states that, “The extent to which facilities-based competition to the NBN is permitted is a policy decision for Government. Telstra’s position is that if facilities-based competition is permitted, there must be a level playing field between all alternative builders, whether under regulatory restrictions like the superfast broadband rules or under contractual commitments to NBN Co. “

In March 2014, Telstra revealed that in response to TPG’s plans to extend a fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) network to around 500,000 apartment blocks and office buildings, it too had been testing FTTB technology which it may use to build its own rival network if infrastructure based competition was allowed.

The full submission can be read here.

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