Telstra has begun providing customers with more information on nbn data speeds, and are contacting customers who have not received the speeds they signed up for.

A recent blog post by Telstra Retail, Group Executive Kevin Russell, said Telstra has reviewed the speeds its customers are receiving on the nbn, and approximately one per cent of those customers are not receiving the speed they signed up for.

Telstra are now in the process of proactively contacting the one per cent of customers to “move them to a speed tier their nbn service supports”

Mr Russell said, “Speeds into homes can vary due to the underlying nbn network technology, however, the precise impact cannot be determined until after connection.

“Therefore, in the first month after a customer takes up a speed boost we will also review their speeds and proactively contact them if we believe that they are not receiving the speeds they signed up for.

“Consistent with our commitment to our customers’ experience, we will then move them to the speed tier their nbn service supports and reimburse any speed boost charges they have incurred. This will help ensure that our customers get the best value from their package and the right speed tier at their address.”

Mr Russell said, like any network, speeds on the nbn vary due to quite a large number of factors. Some of these factors are managed by retail service providers like Telstra. Others are designed and controlled by nbn co.

“For our part, we are working to provide the best possible speed performance on the nbn. To do this we actively monitor and manage our capacity on the nbn network to ensure we have the right level of bandwidth to support customer speeds.

“It is clear that helping Australian consumers and businesses understand nbn speed performance requires a coordinated industry response. We need to work together to agree a consistent way to present information so Australians can make informed choices.”

“We are committed to providing more information and transparency on nbn speeds and our guide is the first step in this process. And, to ensure industry wide consistency, we are now actively participating in a conversation on nbn speed guidance and measurement that’s being coordinated by the ACCC.”

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