The NSW Government has repealed temporary irrigation restrictions made for the Bega and Brogo Regulated Rivers due to heavy rainfall leaving Brogo Dam overflowing. 

At the time of the section 324 order, the Bega and Brogo Regulated Rivers Water Source was in drought stage 2 (emerging water shortage) and was later escalated to the highest stage 4 (critical drought).

Brogo Dam is the main source of water for the towns along the Bega and Brogo Rivers, which rely on the Brogo-Bermagui Water Supply System and limited groundwater access. Brogo Dam, which feeds into the Brogo – Bermagui Water Supply System, was 13.6 per cent full, holding around 1,400ML as of 6 January 2020.

This level would enable town water supplies to be met over the summer/autumn period, assuming some inflows to the dam were received after this. To secure critical water supplies, access to all water remaining in general security accounts was prohibited until there was sufficient resource recovery.

Heavy rainfall on the weekend of 8 and 9 February 2020 left Brogo Dam at 112 per cent capacity and spilling as of 10 February 2020. In these circumstances, full water security has been restored and temporary water restrictions are no longer required.

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