Maranoa Regional Council, QLD is currently seeking suitably qualified contractors for the supply of chlorine disinfection to a number of water supplies in the area.

Maranoa Regional Council, QLD operates water supply schemes in 10 towns in the region centred around Roma.  The towns included in this contract are all supplied from moderately deep bores, including multiple bores in Roma, Injune and Mitchell.  Many of the supplies are currently not disinfected.  The purpose of this contract is to provide chlorine disinfection to as many supplies as possible with the available funds.

Council’s preferred disinfection chemical is chlorine gas, particularly for bores with high pH/alkalinity or temperature (530C at Mitchell).  However, in order to extend disinfection as far as possible with the available funds, sodium hypochlorite will be considered for bores at some of the smaller towns.

Generally each installation shall have an on-line analyser downstream of the dosing point, with alarms for high and low chlorine levels and/or dose rates.

Generally dosing will be into a bore pump delivery pipe and dosing shall only occur when the pump is operating.  There will be four possible installation types:

  • Standard Gas Chlorinator, fixed water flow rate, dosing based on in-line residual analyser
  • Variable Flow Gas Chlorinator, variable water flow rate, dosing based on flow and free chlorine residual
  • Reservoir Gas Chlorinator, including circulation/mixing pump, to maintain chlorine residual in reservoir
  • Sodium Hypochlorite Chlorinator, fixed water flow rate, dosing at set rate, on-line residual analyser for log and alarms.

The Mitchell reservoir site has low water turnover and does not currently have power available.  Power (generator) will be arranged by Council for intermittent operation of the chlorination.

Submissions close: 2:00pm Brisbane time, on Tuesday the 21st of January, 2014.

For more information and application details please see the tender webpage.


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