Ergon Energy, QLD currently seeks suitably qualified contractors for the supply an delivery of Standby DC Supply Systems and 50V DC Power Supplies for communication sites to Ergon Energy.

The separate portions of this tender are as follows:

Separate Part A – VRLA Stationary Batteries

Separate Part B – Battery Chargers, DC/DC Converters and DC/AC Inverters

Separate Part C – DC Distribution and Isolation Equipment

Separate Part D – Spares

Separate Part E – 50V DC power supplies for Ergon’s telecommunication network

Scope of Parts A, B, C and D

The substation DC power system comprise of standby battery bank, battery charger, DC distribution board, isolation panels, converters and inverters.

The consequences of failure of the DC system in substation protection applications can be catastrophic, resulting in high risk to both personnel and plant. DC systems associated with protection applications shall have redundancy provisions such that failure of any one item of plant will not necessitate immediate repair or render the system as failed. Safety of personnel and plant along with security of supply are paramount.

The DC distribution board and isolation panels shall have a life expectancy equal to the substation. The DC distribution board is the common termination point of the battery bank (2x strings), battery charger and DC loads.

The battery chargers, converters and inverters, due to their electronic nature, do not have a life expectancy equal to the substation. The battery banks typically have a life expectancy many times less than the substation.

The intent for this plant is to allow the easy replacement of any DC components during the life of the substation. The equipment may replace existing DC power supply systems or part thereof or form part of new substation construction projects.

The scope of works covers the design, manufacture, testing, and delivery of all or each of the following equipment categories:

  • Batteries
  • Chargers, Converters & Inverters
  • Distribution Boards & Isolation Panels
  • Spare parts for currently installed equipment

Ergon encourages tenderers to offer:-

1. Manufacturers standard equipment (preferred), and/or

2. Modified equipment (so as to more fully meet specification), and/or

3. Alternative offer using different technical solutions (as needed or available). In all cases departures from this Specification shall be fully detailed and listed with references to the relevant clauses.

Scope of Part E

Design, manufacture, and delivery of high reliability 50 Volts D.C. Power Supplies for installation in Communications Sites which are used for the purpose of controlling and monitoring Ergon Energy’s electricity distribution networks in Queensland.

Submissions close: 3:00PM QLD time on Wednesday the 12th of March, 2014.

More information and application details may be found on the tender webpage.


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