The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is seeking tenders for the Provision of Project Management Services for the Event Reporting Radio Telemetry System (ERRTS) Extension Project.

A network of approximately 800 Victorian river height and rainfall monitoring sites is maintained through the Regional Water Monitoring Partnerships (RWMP) program.

Some of these sites are used to collect real time rainfall and river height information for the purpose of generating flood warnings. Gauges used to provide flood warnings must have reliable telemetry, so that data may be reliably accessed during a flood emergency.

Currently, there is a range of telemetry methods employed at flood warning sites across Victoria.

The purpose of the ‘ERRTS Extension Project’ is to upgrade the telemetry at selected flood monitoring sites through the addition of ERRTS. It is DELWP’s objective that data should be remotely accessible from flood warning monitoring sites by at least two telemetry pathways, including ERRTS.

The number of additional ERRTS sites to be installed through the ‘ERRTS Extension Project’ is likely to be in the order of 30-50 sites.

The Project Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day-management of the ‘ERRTS Extension Project’ and specific tasks, such as:

  1. Prioritisation of RWMP monitoring sites for the addition of ERRTS.
  2. Development of a stakeholder engagement plan.
  3. Consultation to negotiate suitable cost sharing arrangement with partner agencies.
  4. Preparation of contract and procurement documentation for installation of equipment.
  5. Management of the contracts for the ERRTS data collection network conceptual design, final design, build, and commissioning.
  6. Production of a project report at project completion.

Submissions to tender close on 13 August.

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