CS Energy in Queensland is seeking offers from suitably qualified contractors or companies for the  installation of water tanks and pipelines at the Callide Power Station facility.

The Callide Power Station facility is located approximately 18 km north-east of Billa in Banana Shire, Central Queensland. The site consists of three power stations, Callide A, Callide B and Callide C (also known as CPP) and a number of ash storage dams.

CS Energys Callide coal fired power stations B and C produce a waste effluent that is discharged into waste storage sites via a lean and dense phase ash pumping system. The runoff water from the ash slurry contains high levels of dissolved solids that drain into the main ash dam on site, Ash Dam B (ADB). The storage capacity of ADB continues to decrease with the production and storage of ash. Dam storage levels need to be controlled, as the Callide power station site is deemed a nominal zero discharge site under the development approval and no water from the dam is allowed to be discharged without the required approvals.

Currently, the site passes the ash water through a series of evaporation ponds to assist in reducing the water levels in ADB. This tender looks at an augmentation of the existing evaporation pond management system through the use of storage tanks and a distribution pipeline.

A compulsory site visit will be held at Callide Dam Road, Biloela QLD 4715 at 31 Oct, 2013 9:00 AM .

Submissions close: 11:00am Brisbane time on Wednesday November 6, 2013.

More information and application details can be found here.

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