Hunter Water is inviting tenders for the rehabilitation of sewer mains by lining.

This contract involves the rehabilitation of gravity sewer mains by the installation of lining systems to restore structural integrity, prevent infiltration or exfiltration, eliminate root ingress and/or restore the hydraulic capacity of the sewermain. The gravity sewer mains to be rehabilitated will be up to a maximum nominal diameter of 450mm.

The sewermains to be rehabilitated under the contract will be identified progressively over the duration of the contract and may be located anywhere in the Hunter Water Corporation’s area of operation which includes the local government areas of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Cessnock, Port Stephens, Dungog and the eastern parts of Singleton.

The contract includes:
a) The design, supply and installation of structural lining systems for the full length between Access Chambers.
b) Lining systems used locally to patch an isolated defect
c) Junction sealing
d) Access Chamber rehabilitation
e) Associated civil works
f) Management of wastewater flows
g) Consultation with nominated parties, property owners or residents
h) Work as Constructed Information including CCTV
i) Restoration of disturbed surfaces
j) Testing and inspection works.

All work is to be undertaken with as little disruption as possible to the operation of the Hunter Water Corporation’s sewer system and to its customers.

Hunter Water Corporation provides water and wastewater services to the lower Hunter region of NSW subject to an Operating Licence issued by the NSW Government. The conditions of that Licence define a range of standards of service such as restriction on overflows to the environment. It is therefore important to Hunter Water Corporation that infiltration to the system is controlled.

The sewermains to be rehabilitated under this Contract will be identified by Hunter Water Corporation’s operations and maintenance staff during the life of the contract. The sewermains will be selected based on their condition and risk of failure and priority of the lines to be rehabilitated will be reviewed three monthly.

It is anticipated that Hunter Water Corporation will allocate approximately 10,000 metres of sewermains to be rehabilitated each year, however this quantity may vary and the quantity of work will be as directed by the Superintendent.

Tender enquiries should be directed to Jason Townsend at [email protected]

The tender closes at 2:00pm on 11 September 2013.

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