NSW Sport and Recreation is seeking tenders for the Tumbarumba Sewerage Augmentation.

The scope of works for this project includes the design, development, and construction of a 2500EP Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the replacement of an existing Trickling Filter Plant with a 2500EP Intermittently Decanting Extended Aeration (IDEA) Plant.

The overall concept for treatment within the plant augmentation is based on fully treating incoming daily flows up to 3.35 x ADWF, with plant flows between 3.35 X ADWF and 7 X ADWF receiving partial treatment. Flows above 7 X ADWF will be temporarily detained within a storm pond before pumped return for treatment.

Part of the new treatment facility will be constructed over the site of some of the existing tertiary effluent ponds. Those existing effluent ponds that are not affected by siting of the new facilities will be utilised for disinfection treatment of flows from the trickling filter plant during construction of the new treatment plant and later decommissioned once the new plant is fully commissioned as the new plant incorporates an ultraviolet (UV) system for disinfection of treated effluent.

Submissions for this tender close Tuesday 4 November 2014.

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