Cairns Regional Council Water & Waste, QLD hereby invites tenders for the construction of the trenched components of the dual water main associated with the Northern Beaches Trunk Water Main and Cedar Road Water Main project.

The contract for the Northern Beaches Trunk Water Main and Cedar Road Water Main is being delivered in two stages. Stage 1 of the works, which comprises the trenchless components of the project, is currently being tendered under a separate contract. It is proposed that the two contracts will be delivered concurrently, with Stage 2 works (this tender) to be commenced after a significant portion of Stage 1 is completed. As there are no trenched components in the Cedar road Water Main, this tender is only applicable to the Northern Beaches Trunk Water Main.

The scope of works includes the supply and installation of a dual water main comprising 450 diameter and 225 diameter water mains by way of conventional trenched construction, including all fittings and bends as required, and connection into the previously constructed trenchless components of the mains, including testing and commissioning.

Submissions close: 4:30PM on Wednesday the 5th of March, 2014.

For further information or application details see the tender webpage.

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