Moreton Bay Regional Council (QLD) is seeking tenders for upgrades to the stormwater drainage system at Joora Avenue and Young Street, Petrie.

Works include:

  • Mobilisation and establishment of the contractor’s facilities
  • Temporary service relocations and protection
  • Clearing and grubbing of verge and drainage easement
  • Installation of temporary erosion and sediment control measures
  • Trenching and excavation for new stormwater system and associated structures
  • Laying, bedding and backfilling new stormwater pipes and culverts
  • Construction of new stormwater chambers, manholes, gullies, inlets and outlet structures
  • Connection of new stormwater pipes to existing stormwater structures
  • Relocation of existing trunk water main in Young Street (by Unitywater Private Works)
  • Reconstruction of road pavements, kerbs and subsoil drainage impacted by the works
  • Excavation of drainage channel in drainage easement, ground preparation and finished surface treatment
  • Demolition of existing driveways and kerb ramps (where extending past the kerb line), preparation of subgrade and construction of replacement driveway and kerb ramps
  • Placement, compaction and finishing of drainage berm
  • Offsite disposal of surplus and/or unsuitable materials
  • Line marking, signage and landscape works (including furniture)
  • Construction of concrete pedestrian pathways
  • Demobilisation and provision of as-constructed documentation.

Submissions to tender close 23 November 2016.

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