The New South Wales Government has announced that tenders will soon be open for stormwater mitigation works as part of the Wilcannia Weir Replacement Project.

New South Wales Minister for Lands and Water, Kevin Anderson, said the works will deliver a low-maintenance and reliable solution to effluent overflows.

“We’re installing two new high-powered diesel pumps and significant pipework at Wilcannia’s Hood and Martin Street sewage pump stations. They will automatically kick into action if the underground effluent reaches a high level, preventing untreated waste from spilling out,” Mr Anderson said.

“While heavy rain and flooding has held up geotechnical work on the new weir, we’re charging ahead with other parts of this exciting project like the stormwater mitigation works that will give residents greater peace of mind knowing local water quality is being safeguarded from contamination.”

Central Darling Shire Council General Manager, Greg Hill, said the works will be a major win for the community.

“This upgrade will provide important protection for the new weir pool and the surrounding environment by ensuring sewage doesn’t get into the stormwater drains and end up in the river,” Mr Hill said.

The tender advertisement is being targeted at organisations that have a significant Indigenous workforce and will aim to have roles filled by Wilcannia TAFE graduates who were trained as part of the wider weir project.

The Wilcannia Weir Replacement Project is being funded with $32 million from the New South Wales Government and $15 million from the Federal Government, while money for the new water treatment plants comes from the New South Wales Safe and Secure Water Program.

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