The Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) will stage the 3rd Ixom Best Tap Water in Australia competition on Wednesday 18 October 2017 in Launceston, Tasmania, the town from which last year’s winning sample was taken.

Using a blind taste test approach samples will be arbitrated on colour, clarity, odour and taste. The winners from the state Ixom Tap Water Taste Tests have been announced throughout the year and the top drops from the winning water providers are now invited to submit these samples at the national competition.

The national competition will take part during National Water Week, and the Launceston community have been invited to take part in the judging as well as attendees from water businesses and suppliers to the industry who will be attending a WIOA technical session conducted on the day.

The winner of the Ixom 2017 Best Tap Water in Australia competition will get bragging rights for the next 12 months, and will then go on to represent Australia at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition held in West Virginia, USA.

The finalists invited to submit samples are:


Sample taken from: Mt Stromolo Water Treatment Plant

Provider: Icon Water

  • QLD

Sample taken from: Mt Kynoch Scheme

Provider: Toowoomba

  • SA

Sample taken from: Morgan Water Treatment Plant

Provider: SA Water

  • TAS

Sample taken from: Fenton

Provider: Fenton

  • VIC

Sample taken from: Merrijig Water Treatment Plant

Provider: Goulburn Valley Water

Despite the fun side to the competition, there is a more serious undertone: honouring the hard work of the people who ensure safe, clean drinking water comes to people’s taps every day.

“The competition is a testament to the high-quality of Australian water and the diligence and commitment of the operational employees to provide a supply of safe, great tasting water to communities across Australia,” Craig Mathisen, WIOA Chief Operations Officer, said.

“Many of us turn on the faucets for a drink of water, to cook and take a shower, and give little thought to what it takes to operate and maintain the municipal water infrastructure.

“Most members of the general public would be surprised by the complexity and hard work that goes into delivering household water.

“That’s one of the reasons for the water tasting contest, we want to celebrate our unsung heroes – the water operators and their crews who work all year round to ensure we have water, which is essential to keeping us alive.”

Steven Rasdell, Ixom’s General Manager of Water, said that Ixom is delighted to be a part of the taste test.

“We have been involved in Australian water treatment for around 80 years and are immensely proud of the work that is done in this space. We’re delighted to be a sponsor of the taste tests in each state and to celebrate the achievements of water providers in producing a high quality, safe and enjoyable product,” Steven Rasdell said.

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