As the energy industry continues to undergo major changes, the ENA is bringing together key stakeholders to discuss how we can best manage and adapt to the changes that are currently sweeping through the industry.

Globally, energy businesses are responding to the disruptive potential of a range of converging forces and energy networks, from electricity to gas, are evolving to meet significant shifts in regulation, technology and consumer expectation.

While operating in a dynamic new environment of prosumers and distributed energy resources, home automation, energy efficiency, falling demand, and increased consumer engagement on price and technology, the centralised energy grid remains responsible for delivering safe, reliable and affordable energy.

At the same time natural gas networks face a number of challenges, from uncertain wholesale gas markets, changing industrial demand profiles and increasingly intense competition in appliance markets. Against these challenges, the abundance of gas in Australia creates opportunities to develop alternative transport fuel options, support low emission power generation and provide choice in cooling, space and water heating and cooking appliances to residences and businesses.

ENA’s 2015 Seminar Series will explore key issues for the energy supply sector, from the transformation of the energy system, the position of gas as a fuel of choice, regulation in a dynamic environment and the management of the assets that underpin the safe and reliable delivery of energy to over 13 million customers.

The first event of the ENA’s 2015 Seminar Series, Energy Transformed: Pathways and Connections will feature keynote speeches from John Pierce, Chair of the AEMC and Brattle Group’s, Dr Toby Brown.

Mr Pierce will address the seminar on the benefits to consumers of the transformation of the energy system drawing on AEMC’s significant policy reform agenda since the delivery of the Power of Choice Review in November 2012.

With strong national momentum on the need for network tariff reform Dr Brown will provide an international perspective on the innovation underway in network tariff design that is fundamental to the transformation of the electricity grid, where prices could fully reflect a two-way exchange of value and services between network service providers and customers.

The seminar will also provide unique insights into the changing face of utility ownership in Australia and how network utilities are responding to energy market transformation with a panel of CEOs including Vince Graham (Networks NSW), Merryn York (Powerlink QLD), Tim Rourke (CitiPower and Powercor) and Frank Tudor (Horizon Power). It will include leading industry experts to discuss the shifts in international business models for utilities as the sector deploys new technology and services, as well as the new markets and opportunities which will be enabled by integrated distributed energy resources and demand management services.

In June, Gas 2015: Customers, Choices and Challenges will bring together stakeholders representing consumers, appliance manufacturers, major gas users and gas networks to discuss the role of Australian gas distribution networks in securing Australia’s energy future. It will feature discussions on supply, competition and community interest and the future of gas network regulation in new energy markets.

These seminars will give you the opportunity join Australia’s leading energy businesses that are facilitating the transformation of the nation’s energy system for consumers and to share innovations and expertise from the businesses serving the industry.

Energy Transformed: Pathways and Connections will be held at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney on Thursday 7 May 2015.

Gas 2015: Customers, Choices and Challenges will be held at the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne on Friday 12 June 2015.

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