The ECD Triton DO82 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyser is a complete solution for long-term dissolved oxygen measurements in wastewater aeration basins, aquaculture and all types of environmental water.

The DO82 optical dissolved oxygen sensor uses fluorescence quenching to determine the oxygen concentration in water. The use of this optical method minimises maintenance,increases reliability and improves the long-term accuracy of the measurement in demanding municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater applications.

The sensor is unaffected by changes in the flow, pH or conductivity of the sample and there is no need to replace or service membranes, electrolytes or anode/cathode assemblies as required for other sensors.

ECD 6 point Advantage:

1. Optical dissolved oxygen analyser system: the sensor uses fluorescence quenching method for better performance and less maintenance in municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater applications

2. Intelligent sensor with stored calibration data: advanced second generation software algorithms and digital communication

3. Ultra long-life membrane cap: provides years of service and there is no required/recommended annual membrane replacement

4. Membrane cap is easily replaceable: if physically damaged, there is no need to return the sensor for factory repair or replacement, saving time and money

5. Universal design with waterproof fixed or detachable cable: available with handrail mounted immersion assemblies, flow-through cells and automatic spray cleaning systems

6. Interfaces directly with any T80 Transmitter: 4 to 20 mA with MODBUS RTU or HART communication, relays, timers and more

Siobhan Day is the Assistant Editor of Utility magazine and Pump Industry magazine, and has been part of the team since early 2019. With a background in management in the non-profit sector, Siobhan has extensive experience in communications, professional writing and client management. She holds a Bachelor of Business and Communications and is currently completing a postgraduate degree.

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