Introducing the FILTEC UF 2/10D Membrane Skid – a pressurised ultrafiltration water treatment solution to help you make water safer in a cost-effective way.

Suitable for drinking water, processed water and treated wastewater, this modular plug-and-play system provides an economic solution to many water treatment applications.

Based on the Suez ZeeWeed 1500 Membrane, the FILTEC UF 2/10D is delivered as either a skid-mounted package or containerised solution and provides you with a range of engineered filtration systems.

The FILTEC UF 2/10D also delivers an absolute barrier of 0.02 micron, screening out viruses and making it a true ultra-filter, and includes fully automated operations for filtration, backpulse, scour aeration and automatic membrane integrity testing. Further features and benefits of the FILTEC UF 2/10D include:

• Adaptable to a wide range of flow rates from 2 to 10L/s (7 to 36m3/hr)
• Capable of receiving ground and surface water of up to 100 NTU with suitable pre-screen
• Fully automated backwash system
• Designed to meet New Zealand DWSNZ and Australian Drinking Water guidelines


FILTEC is committed to making communities safer with advanced water and wastewater treatment. With one point of accountability, FILTEC’s team of skilled engineers and in-house design experts can oversee large multidisciplinary projects end to end. Their fully integrated capabilities are backed with 25 years in the industry and a world-class service team. FILTEC. Leading the way in advanced engineered systems and cost effective solutions to water and wastewater problems.

This Sponsored Editorial, is brought to you by FILTEC. For more information on the FILTEC UF 2/10D, contact Alan Tan on +61 413 844 308 or visit

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