Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a complex process, which places equally diverse demands on machine technology. Intensive analysis of its customers’ requirements caused TRACTO to question every detail and rethink every component when it came to developing a new series of advanced trenchless technology. The result is the next-generation GRUNDODRILL, an intuitive operating concept that allows for utmost flexibility and maximum productivity in steerable trenchless pipe installations.

Consisting of six models with performance ratings of between 60-280 kilonewtons (kN), the GRUNDODRILL xCS series’ pioneering combination of peak power and innovative technology showcases German engineering and technological leadership at its best.

The complete series can be used either as a Jet Condition System (JCS) for jet drilling in conventional soils with normal rods, or as an All Condition System (ACS) for rock drilling with twin-tube rods.

Due to the modular construction of the new GRUNDODRILL series, it is possible to configure drilling rigs to the unique market requirements in Australia and New Zealand.

To mark the start of production of the new GRUNDODRILL generation, TRACTO has launched the GRUNDODRILL JCS130 FIRST EDITION, an exclusive limited edition machine which combines the most advanced features of the xCS130 models in one HDD rig.

Groundbreaking concept

A GRUNDODRILL is an investment for many years. By including several optional features as standard in the FIRST EDITION, TRACTO-TECHNIK offers a truly top-of-the-range product. These features, including wireless remote-controlled drilling, are at the core of the new generation and incorporated in all performance classes.

With the FIRST EDITION, TRACTO is breaking new ground. The user gets a machine that is as extensively equipped as possible, including unique digital features that pave the way for autonomous drilling. This gives users the opportunity to stay ahead of competitors when going head-to-head for drilling jobs, thanks to the efficiency and precision of the new GRUNDODRILL generation.The new GRUNDODRILL’s innovative operating concept, with almost all functions of the drilling rig controlled via a central touch screen and monitored via an integrated camera, is consistently tailored to the needs of the operator.

This allows ergonomic and fatigue-free working, and an increased degree of automation. Alternatively, all central functions of the drilling rig can also be controlled manually.

The JCS/ACS130 models feature a powerful Cummins Tier 5, 100kW engine, variable torque and speed adjustment, and fully automatic drilling operation including an automatic drill rod exchange.

The GRUNDODRILL JCS130 FIRST EDITION epitomises the core values of the TRACTO brand: advanced trenchless technology that directly contributes to our customers’ success.

FIRST EDITION equipment highlights:

Remote-controlled drilling: all functions of the drilling rig can be conveniently controlled and monitored from outside the operator’s cabin using a specially-designed remote control unit

Bentonite pump 320l/min: a full flow rate at maximal pressure. With a flow rate of 320l/min, the Bentonite pump P72-320 ensures a quick bore process and the highest productivity

Undercarriage and rig inclination: in order to achieve the optimum entrance angle, the bore rig of the FIRST EDITION is equipped with a double inclination. In connection with an additional front stabiliser, this provides immense flexibility when planning the bore path and setting up the jobsite. Thanks to these two stabilisers and the rubberised steel chains on the undercarriage, the FIRST EDITION is extremely secure and accessible across all terrain

Comfort cabin: the cabin of the FIRST EDITION is equipped with automatic climate control, as well as a comfort seat with air suspension and a built-in heater, providing the best possible working environment in all weather conditions

Due to its serial character, many features that are usually optional extras are included in the GRUNDODRILL JCS130 FIRST EDITION as standard accessories.

Bonus features:

  • Anchor plate with hydraulic adjustment and mud pump
  • Combined tank for water and antifreeze
  • High-pressure cleaner and drill rod cleaning
  • Camera vision system
  • All-round lighting
  • Exclusive FIRST EDITION branding

Every customer who orders a FIRST EDITION will receive a truly outstanding package, great service and support.

This partner content is brought to you by TRACTO-TECHNIK. For more information, visit GRUNDODRILL.COM/FIRSTEDITION.

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