Without proper assessment and maintenance, ageing pipelines present a significant risk and if left unattended failure of these assets can shut down supply and have a serious impact on customers and communities. This article looks at how innovative condition assessment technology can help utilities tackle these challenges and keep disaster at bay.

Australia and New Zealand’s water utilities face the shared challenge of ageing buried infrastructure. Traditional pipeline

condition assessment methods can be costly, invasive and disruptive, hindering proactive maintenance strategies.

Fortunately, KenWave’s Dynamic Response ImagingTM (DRI), available through Aqua Analytics, offers a revolutionary solution. DRI uses advanced acoustics and vibration analysis to assess the integrity of in-service pipelines noninvasively. This means no shutdowns, service interruptions or customer impact.

Why Australian and New Zealand utilities choose KenWave DRI

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  • Proven success: Aqua Analytics has partnered with KenWave to deliver successful DRITM projects for leading asset owners like Yarra Valley Water, Unitywater, Gippsland Water, and others in the industrial sector.
  • Pinpoint accuracy: DRI delivers high-resolution data (2-8m linear resolution), allowing utilities to precisely target repairs and replacements, maximising investment returns and deferring the costs associated with vast capital projects.
  • Wide application: The technology works on various pipe materials and sizes, making it a versatile solution for diverse water networks.
  • Efficiency and cost savings: DRI streamlines the assessment process, generating substantial cost savings compared to traditional methods.

What are the benefits?

  • Strategic asset management: Utilities gain actionable insights to inform long-term infrastructure planning and optimise the allocation of maintenance budgets.
  • Reduced risk: Early detection of potential failure points and vulnerabilities minimises the risk of catastrophic failures and their associated costs.
  • Enhanced public safety: By identifying vulnerable sections, DRI helps prevent unexpected pipe failures, safeguarding public infrastructure and minimising the risk of service disruptions in communities.
  • Operational resilience: DRI supports utilities in maintaining reliable water supply networks, enhancing their overall operational resilience and responsiveness to infrastructure challenges.

Experience the difference
Aqua Analytics, as the trusted partner for KenWave’s Dynamic Response Imaging in the region, brings local teams and expertise to ensure the success of your pipeline condition assessment projects. The company’s proven track record demonstrates the value DRI delivers to water utilities, municipalities and industrial asset owners.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Aqua Analytics. To explore how Aqua Analytics can transform your pipeline management strategies or request a free consultation, visit

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