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There is a buzz in the air over Abberfield’s latest water dispensing technology. Installed in a growing number of councils, prepaid, credit and debit card machines are in demand for easy access to potable (drinking) water by the public.

These machines have a number of features, including:

  • Easy to use
  • Accessible
  • Available twenty four hours day and night
  • Several payment options available (credit, debit, account card, stored value card coin and token)
  • Battery backup with optional solar power
  • Online management through a web portal
  • Anti-vandal construction

Water is a vital resource. The pressures placed on Australia’s water supply are immense.

It is a resource which requires management, and one way to manage it is to control the provision of clean water.

climate-trend-graphAustralia’s annual temperature has been rising. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology states that the rate of very hot daytime temperatures has been increasing since the 1990s.*

In Queensland, as at 25 May 2017, there are a total of 32 councils and three part council areas drought declared, with 52 Individually Droughted Properties (IDP) in a further seven council areas.**


qld-coloured-drought-situation-map-25-may-2017Now is the time to act. Publicly accessed potable water is possible without the need for coins, tokens or electronic access keys.

Abberfield’s water dispensing systems are a one-stop shop, allowing access to potable water for the local gardener with a small hose to large water tankers utilitsing high-volume pipes. All this from the one machine.

Other typical applications include boat and engine wash downs, abattoir wash downs, weed seed control, as well as recreation vehicle filling, water tanker filling and village water supply.

The Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA ) Climate Change Adaptation Guidelines 2016 states that recreational use of water is also an emerging competing demand to also consider.***

With a growing need for this resource why wouldn’t you install a measurable and controlled source of drinkable water?

Abberfield can also provide for small business needs, giving caravan parks, swimming pools and motels the ability to charge for water usage.

Abberfield’s range of water dispensing systems covers low-volume token or coin controlled units installed in shower blocks to high volume prepay units at council operated locations.

And the latest development? New ‘place card here’ credit card operated water outlets adds to the range of Abberfield’s Water Dispensing Stations.

smltanker-filling-station2This partner content is brought to you by Abberfield. For more information, visit or call +61 2 9939 2844.


*Australian Bureau of Meteorology

**Queensland Government – Drought declarations (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries)

***Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) Climate Change Adaptation Guidelines 2016

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