At Programmed, building outstanding people helps build strong customers, which in turn creates great communities. And for the company, that’s the reason it puts people first. It allows the company to provide its customers with people who are passionate about what they do and invested in giving back to the communities they work in and the customers they serve.

Working together with its customer, City West Water, Programmed launched a cadetship program for school leavers who wanted to experience water industry operations in a practical, hands-on manner.

The cadets are exposed to all manner of work required around water networks, from being out in the field and working with specialist tools, to being in the office and assisting in project preparation for a smooth-running work site.

Christina Girvan, who joined the cadet program in water operations, started an apprenticeship in civil construction and is now a full-time Operations Support Officer.

Ms Girvan assists in securing the required permits and plans all safety requirements before a task can be assigned.


The program has opened a new avenue for Ms Girvan. Together with her supervisors, Ms Girvan will be developing a training program, sharing the knowledge she’s acquired around reading site maps and ascertaining the permits required for each site.

Christopher Croon, another participant in the cadetship program, started his journey in sewer operations and has now moved onto water operations to further develop his skills across the network.


The cadetship training covers customer service to assist Programmed’s technicians in managing and resolving customer complaints out in the field. This training is paramount to not only help set customer expectations, but also provide its technicians with the soft skills required in customer service.

Recently, its field sewer technicians were engaged in helping design new service vans. The wealth of knowledge within the technician team played an integral role in providing design ideas and practical advice on the build of the new vans.

The innovations put forward have provided the teams with the ability to be more responsive on their call-outs, and the designs helped future-proof the vans, giving the technicians confidence in their continued service delivery to customers.

Programmed is invested in training its people to help achieve their career goals. Recently, Brodie Doolan completed his Diploma in Facility Management, which was created in partnership with UNE Partnerships and the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA).


Mr Doolan was particularly interested in the asset management component of the diploma, seeking to gain further knowledge and a deeper understanding of asset management in general, as well as Programmed’s approach to strategic asset management for its customers.

Mr Doolan has been able to tap into the wealth of knowledge of his supervisors and colleagues who served as mentors while he completed his diploma.

The ability to see the theory in practice was also an excellent tool for Mr Doolan, and everyone at Programmed was more than happy to share knowledge.

Programmed continues to be supportive of its people, and looks forward to training more people who will serve communities and make us all stronger.

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