Speed and security are the two principles with which the key management system was developed. The result of an innovative collaboration between Harcor and Amtac, Keys-on-Tap is a new revolutionary key management platform that takes those two core principles to new levels.

Keys-on-Tap paves a critical avenue for fleet management and includes capabilities that have never been made accessible before and addressing problems that were previously considered insurmountable.

Enhancing security measures and speed

The system integrates with Harcor’s existing range of iKLAS electronic key cabinets and QR2id technology to provide enhanced security and management of vehicles and their keys.

In essence, Keyson-Tap is a fortress, providing two layers of protection. Each QR2id-enabled polycarbonate key tag is electronically locked within a heavy-duty key cabinet. As another layer of security, photos of users are recorded during key retrieval and return, facilitating easy review by managers.

Beyond its leading edge in terms of security, Keys-on-Tap is also a time-saving solution, alleviating the stress often associated with traditional key management approaches. Authorised users enjoy instant, real-time visibility into the location or custodian of every key set.

With just a few smartphone taps, they can access keys swiftly, securely, and conveniently directly from the Keys-on-Tap mobile app.

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