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The meter-to-cash process is important for utilities to collect revenue for the consumption of their services but it also has the potential to create challenges which could have a major impact on the utility itself. Oracle has a complete meter-to-cash solution to overcome these challenges.

Meter-to-cash has a number of benefits including higher revenue, lower operating costs, better accuracy, and streamlined operations. However, it also presents a number of challenges.

Sometimes drawing that line from the service point to the revenue and everywhere in between isn’t always so straightforward. Add in the complexities of multi service utilities or unbundled offerings, plus an extreme influx of meter data from new smart meters, and there’s an even bigger challenge.

There’s often confusion in the industry about what exactly meter-to-cash is or should be. Meter Data Management System (MDMS) providers often insist that meter-to-cash is the capture and management of meter data used for billing, while Customer Information System (CIS) providers counter that meter-to-cash is about applying the meter data to billing and collecting corresponding revenue.

The truth is these are both partially correct. For meter-to-cash processes to really work, and for utilities to fully realise meter-to-cash optimisation, the MDMS and the CIS need to work in sync. Gaps between the two can result in serious revenue loss from a variety of inefficiencies, including:

  • Sub-optimal rates, inability to procure energy at the best prices, inefficient operations and redundant truck rolls
  • Inaccuracies and inefficiencies in billing as well as credit and collections operations

Rapid transformation in the utility industry presents additional challenges to the meter-to-cash process.

Legacy systems that were not built to handle large amounts of meter data or complex billing processes can slow meter-to-cash process adoption and efficiency.. Furthermore, consumer-centric pricing models make it easier for customers to actively reduce their consumption, thus decreasing the utility’s revenue while it continues to face heavy capital investments.

The Oracle difference

As the utility industry continues its swift march forward it is more important than ever to optimise utility meter-to-cash. Oracle meets this challenge with the most complete meter-to-cash solution for utilities, with robust customer and metering systems engineered to work together.

Oracle has the only metering solution that is billing and distribution operations centric. Oracle Utilities Meter Solution was designed for billing performance, calculating and delivering billing determinants quickly and minimising exceptions, and it can capture and leverage the full power of meter data in complex operations as AMI programs expand.

And because meter-to-cash doesn’t stop with the MDMS, neither does Oracle’s approach to the meter-to-cash challenge. Oracle Utilities Customer Solution works completely in sync with its Meter Solution, harnessing that powerful meter data to streamline billing operations and support excellence in customer service through all channels. Oracle Utilities’ complete meter-to-cash solution makes drawing that line from meter to cash easier than ever.

Are you ready to optimise meter-to-cash?

You should not settle for complex custom integrations or expensive system maintenance just to close the meter-to-cash gaps. You shouldn’t be burdened with a legacy system that can’t handle all of your business processes and future business requirements.

Oracle’s complete meter-to-cash solution can drive your utility to top performance. Our interoperable solutions, cross-enterprise business intelligence, and single user interface eliminate the meter-to-cash gaps and allow for common data management and efficient use of IT skills. Only Oracle delivers the modern meter-to-cash solution utilities need.

This partner content is brought to you by Oracle. For more information on the meter-to-customer challenge and how Oracle can help, view the white paper here.

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