Are you looking for a cost-effective and safe way to keep your sewer and stormwater assets clean and functional?

Enviroline has been manufacturing market-leading drain cleaning equipment for the past 15 years, and the SEWERJETT™ T80 truck mounted jetting system has been stealing the show in recent months.

With so many utilities, councils and contractors looking for a safe and efficient way to keep sewer and stormwater assets maintained, Enviroline decided to develop the perfect water jetting system.

After extensive market research, Enviroline discovered that the industry is looking for a safer, more efficient and sustainable solution.

Fitted with the cutting-edge control system, these trucks are amongst the safest units on the market with many standout features such as hose burst detection which detects a burst and shuts the unit down within 500 milliseconds in the event of a failure.

Operation is also made more efficient and simplistic with the automatic flow and pressure regulator, allowing the operator to precisely preselect a water flow or pressure.

Remote diagnostic is now also possible, allowing Enviroline engineers to remotely log onto any truck to quickly diagnose or troubleshoot.

Software updates can also be sent over the network, keeping the units up to date into the future. Enviroline has chosen the popular Isuzu FRR110-260 fitted with the 2500 series Alison Automatic gearbox as its chassis of choice.

The Isuzu platform has proven to be extremely reliable with outstanding backup Australia wide. Enviroline has been working with Interflow to continually advance the safety and efficiency of its fleet and decided the SEWERJETT T80-160 jetting truck best suited these requirements.

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