Having the right equipment can make all the difference in the success of pipe maintenance. This article looks at how water jetting technology can both optimise operations and reduce the costs of maintaining these assets.

Pipe maintenance is not just about extending the lifespan of underground networks; it’s about safeguarding public health, preserving the environment and enhancing quality of life. In the sewer and stormwater maintenance industry, there has been an increase in demand for custom made water jetting solutions and high-tech equipment.

Trenchless pipe repairs equipment leader
Trenchless sewer repair consists of repairing or replacing the existing pipeline without the need for extensive digging.

Before work begins, a camera is sent down into the pipes to evaluate the extent of the damage and the best options for repair or drain cleaning. Using a water jetter to clean out the pipe from a distance avoids ripping up landscaping, sidewalks and underground systems. Getting the right equipment for it is the first step to optimising your costs on interventions.

Enviroline Group explains that Innovation is part of the company’s DNA. The team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, striving to bring you the most advanced and revolutionary products on the market.

Cutting edge CCTV pipe inspection cameras
The innovative IBOS robotic crawler cameras enable operators to conduct thorough inspections of pipes, and easy reporting. They can investigate anomalies in flow, examine pipe walls and liners, pinpoint joint issues and identify areas of leakage to facilitate repair planning and pipe lining.

High-tech nozzles for root cutting
Roots are the main causes of blockages in pipes. Root cutting nozzles are specifically designed to cut through partial to full pipe obstructions. Enviroline has a wide range of high-tech jetter nozzles. With a vast inventory housed in the Western Sydney-based warehouse, the company ensures that your equipment is ready to roll when you are, and Enviroline’s efficient shipping network ensures next-day delivery across Australia.

Water jetting solutions
When you engage with Enviroline Group, you’re not just getting equipment; you’re tapping into a wealth of industry expertise. The company’s knowledgeable staff boasts firsthand trade experience, ensuring that you receive advice that’s both insightful and empathetic.

Efficient PTO-driven truck jetting system
For large-scale pipe maintenance work, the best options are truck-mounted jetters. The jetter is incorporated into the truck body build, leaving ample space for storage for other tools and equipment. Enviroline’s PTO-driven truck jetters remove the need for another power source saving on fuel, weight, and extra maintenance cost. Truck-mounted jetters also often include luxuries such as remote control, hydraulic controlled hose reels, numerous engine protection and safety shut off features. The heavy-duty T100 PTO Truck will deliver a flow of 260lpm and pressure up to 2250psi, suitable for 100mm–1500mm pipes. This will tackle the worst of the blockages in large pipes.

Heavy-duty jetting trailers
These water jetting units are designed primarily for water authorities and councils, to clear sewer and storm water lines up to 600mm in diameter. The main advantage is that they can easily be towed by a 4×4 ute or small truck. These units come with a range of performances available from 75–125 L/min and 2300–4000 PSI and are driven by a reliable HATZ turbo-charged four-cylinder engine.

Fleet solutions
Enviroline has delivered a range of cutting-edge, high-performance jetting units to Councils, Water Authorities, Civil Contractors and Plumbers over the past 20 years into all states in Australia, NZ and various Pacific Islands.

Lately, Enviroline supplied six jetting trucks and seven jetting trailers to Urban Utilities, who delivers drinking water, recycled water and sewerage services to more than 1.4 million people in Southeast Queensland. They found the Enviroline T80 trucks and Ranger jetter trailers the best option to solve their pipe maintenance needs.

The team at Enviroline Group explained that its mission is crystal clear: to deliver cutting-edge, competitive solutions to the civil and municipal industries. Passion, excellence and unwavering commitment to innovation form the bedrock of the company’s ethos, propelling Enviroline Group towards its goal of becoming the preferred suppliers and market leaders.

For all your water jetting and pipe maintenance needs, trust Enviroline Group—where expertise meets excellence, every single time.

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