Let’s remove all the marketing hype and look at the facts and benefits of multi array ground penetrating radar when used in large environments.

A multi array ground penetrating radar is a GPR that has multiple antennas set close together. For instance, the Raptor 45 Cart has eight channels, and the Raptor 45 Road system has 18 channels.

There are some benefits to having many antennas close together, such as:

  1. The array will see changes in direction of a service more clearly
  2. It eliminates the need to scan multiple times reducing time in acquisition
  3. An array can see voids easier, as it has a larger area to pass over showing irregularities below that a single or dual channel GPR would not show as clearly
  4. Some array can move at legal speeds up to 110km in Australia, reducing locate times

Multi Array GPR does not eliminate other technologies used for locating underground services. Professional locate companies use many technologies like EMF and PWG, to name just a few. This avoids missing crucial services using just one technology.

Multi Array GPR’s are not immune to poor soils, and services can easily be missed no matter how good the array is. Good data quality relies on good soils. Software is another important part of Multi Array systems.

Having fancy videos showing 3D images doesn’t assist in getting info out to AutoCAD or 12D. Software should allow you to gather data quickly post-process, and then convert it to your preferred system or point cloud.

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