Thiess, incorporating Silcar, has agreed to a significant contract amendment and extension with NBN Co for installation, activation, and maintenance of home and business premises connections to the National Broadband Network. 

With estimated forecast revenues of up to $183 million, the contract is for an initial two years with an option exercisable by NBN Co for a one year extension.

Under the contract, the main scope of work is to connect customer premises to the National Broadband Network in Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT.

Leighton Holdings Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Marcelino Fernández Verdes, said the contract recognises the important part the Leighton Group has in rolling out this nation-building project.

“Thiess’ services business has a range of operations, maintenance, facilities, and asset management services and the strengthening of the relationship with NBN Co illustrates our cutting edge role in telecommunications.”

According to Thiess Managing Director Bruce Munro, “Thiess’ services business will now be connecting up to an estimated 170,000 premises per year to the NBN under this Field Services contract alone.”

Works covered by the contract include:

  • connecting homes and businesses with fibre optic cable from the street;
  • installing NBN Connection boxes and power supplies;
  • wiring connection sockets inside homes;
  • providing service activation of end user customers; and
  • equipment repairs and service assurance calls to NBN connected homes.

The new contract expands and varies the existing Field Services Delivery contract which was due to expire in September 2014.


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