South Australia is leading the way in renewable and energy storage with the state investing in major energy projects. The Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition 2018 is giving attendees the chance to see these projects up close through exclusive tours to sites, including Tesla’s ‘Big Battery’.

The Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition 2018, running 23-24 May in Adelaide, is providing the rare opportunity to see first-hand one of three commercial and utility energy storage projects that are transforming South Australia’s energy sector.

Attendees will be able to tour the Hornsdale Wind Farm/Power Reserve which houses Tesla’s battery – the largest lithium battery installation in the world. Tours will also go to the Adelaide HS and Tonsley Innovation Precinct, the site of one of SIMEC ZEN Energy’s load shifting commercial battery installations, and Redflow and Highbury Pumped Hydro Energy Storage installation.

The site tours will take place on Tuesday 22 May and include transportation, a Q&A with the site owners and technology providers, as well as the chance to explore these significant installations and learn about their impact in the state.

The Tesla Big Battery

It’s been one of the most talked about energy projects in Australia ever since Elon Musk promised to install it within 90 days or it would be free. The Tesla battery is located at Neoen’s Hornsdale Wind Farm and the full-day tour will be lead by Neoen and Tesla representatives who will give an in-depth insight into the wind farm and battery installation.

In addition to an up-close tour of the battery installation, the conference will also feature a presentation by Tesla Director, Mark Twidell, detailing how South Australia is powering forward with large-scale energy storage. Tesla will also be exhibiting at the free exhibition.

Adelaide HS and Tonsley Innovation Precinct

Adelaide High School is the site of a load shifting commercial battery installation, paired with a solar array, by SIMEC ZEN Energy. The school is the second of four government-owned buildings to receive battery energy storage systems from SIMEC ZEN Energy for peak shaving.

This half day tour gives access to the high school’s installation, as well as the Tonsley Innovation Precinct, an innovative precinct developed to foster innovation in a low-carbon setting, based in the old Mitsubishi Main Assembly Building.

The majority shareholder of SIMEC ZEN Energy and Chairman of GFG Alliance, Sanjeev Gupta, will also be delivering the conference’s keynote presentation and talking about his recent investments in Australia’s energy industry that are beginning to rival Elon Musk.

Redflow and Highbury Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

The third site tour gives the opportunity to spend half a day exploring Redflow’s Adelaide office and ‘battery lab’, where flow batteries go through rigorous testing. Redflow is a leading supplier of Zinc – Bromine flow batteries which power much of its Adelaide offices through solar and a large-scale energy storage system. Participants will also tour the recently announced Highbury Pumped Hydro installation, a former quarry that showcases the potential of pumped hydro energy storage.

For more information on these projects, Simon Hackett, a Non-executive Director and Technology Evangelist at Redflow Limited, will deliver the conference’s day two plenary session, and Redflow will be further showcasing new technologies at the free exhibition.

These exclusive site tours are only accessible with a full conference pass. Early bird conference prices end April 10 so get in quick to secure your spot. Use the promo code: SA10 for early bird rates. Register at

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