Transgrid and ZTT signing ceremony

Transgrid has signed off on a $100 million contract contract to secure 17,500km of high voltage conductors as part of its Powering Tomorrow Together Program. 

ZTT Australia were awarded the contract, with the conductors to be manufactured at ZTT Group’s Hekou manufacturing campus and delivered to Australia in 2024 and 2025.

The program is enabling Transgrid to purchase materials like substation equipment, earlier and at a lower cost, enabling limited resources to be used across multiple projects. The orders are also supported by a $400 million Federal Government underwriting as part of the Rewiring the Nation program.

Transgrid CEO, Brett Redman, said that the contract is enough to stretch from Sydney to Dublin. 

“We are also finalising a separate contract with another Australian company to supply other locally-produced conductor elements,” Mr Redman said. 

“We continue to build our global supply chain to secure the specialised kit needed to build the future clean energy grid and ensure competitive and efficient delivery of the Federal Government’s energy plans.”

Transgrid Executive General Manager for Delivery, Craig Stallan, travelled to Asia recently to sign the agreement that will see ZTT Australia supply the conductors.

“Transgrid is investing $16.5 billion in transmission infrastructure in New South Wales over the next decade to accelerate the Federal Government’s vision,” Mr Stallan said. 

“Our major transmission projects involve a long shopping list for big kit, and we are competing with the likes of Europe, the US and the United Kingdom to secure highly sought after slots on production lines.

“The new conductors will be used on HumeLink and VNI West and by securing supply now, we can deliver projects faster and cheaper for consumers.

“It’s also reducing risk as we compete with other energy companies and nations to secure critical, large-scale equipment, materials and skilled labour to deliver the projects Australia needs.”

ZTT Australia General Manager, Dean Farrar, said the conductors will be manufactured in ZTT Group’s Hekou manufacturing campus and will be delivered to Australia in 2024 and 2025.

“We are honoured to be partnering with Transgrid for their current and future major projects,” Mr Farrar said.  

“This contract builds on our ongoing commitment to support the Australian energy and telecommunications markets, now and into the future.”

Featured image: The Transgrid and ZTT signed ceremony. Image credit: Transgrid.

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