The Australian Government has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 26 to 28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. Among other things, it is relying on low-emission technologies. Primus Line®, the technology for trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipelines, can make a decisive contribution here.

Australia’s emissions reduction target is large, because the population and economy are growing rapidly. This also means that the challenges for the water, gas and oil supply networks are becoming ever greater and their reliability ever more crucial.

Trenchless construction with Primus Line can do both: it extends the lifetime of the pipeline by at least 50 years, and it significantly reduces the ecological footprint compared to conventional open trench construction methods.

When calculating a project’s carbon footprint, a lot of factors play an important role such as:

• The amount of material to be removed

• Fuel consumption of the construction equipment

• Location of the construction site and the required transport routes

• The number of necessary truck loads

• The soil type

• The number of excavations required for connection or valves

Primus Line installation partner Sinzatec, from Spain, determined the savings on a project near Madrid. Due to the geology of the terrain, an open construction method to renew the DN 400 drinking water pipeline would have been difficult, costly and time-consuming.

Thus, the 3.4 km long asbestos cement pipeline was finally rehabilitated with Primus Line in only four days. The analysis showed a significant reduction of approximately 86 per cent in carbon emissions and a huge saving in fuel consumption (minus 87 per cent).

This was mainly due to the lower number of truck loads required (minus 99 per cent) and the reduced use of construction machinery and equipment.

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