The Water Corporation (WA) is about to commence work of refurbishing 1.6km of wastewater pipes in Guildford, Perth using trenchless technology when possible.

The $1.3 million project aims to extend the life of the wastewater pipes by at least 50 years.

WA Water Minister Mia Davies said the Liberal National Government project formed part of an ongoing program to reline and refurbish wastewater pipes across the state.

“About 1.6km of wastewater pipes along Meadow, Victoria and Swan streets will be refurbished over the next two months,” Ms Davies said.

Ms Davies said the corporation uses trenchless technology to reline wastewater pipes where possible because it avoids the need for extensive excavation to access the wastewater pipes, keeping disruption to the community and road users to a minimum.

“Residents may notice an increase in activity along the pipeline route, however traffic management will be in place at all times and disruption will be kept to a minimum,” Ms Davies said.

Jessica Dickers



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