Two of Melbourne’s major metropolitan water utilities have recently used microtunnelling to install new sewers, experiencing the benefits this no-dig technology can offer.

Both Yarra Valley Water and South East Water called upon the team at Pezzimenti Trenchless for major new sewer installations.

Yarra Valley Water called the crew out to Glenroy in Melbourne’s north for assistance on the Glenroy Branch Sewer. This new sewer was designed to relieve the existing Glenroy sewer network.

MFJ Constructions was the lead contractor for the project, and Pezzimenti was engaged to install 950m of 427mm Hobas GRP jacking pipe by microtunnelling.

When the Pezzimenti crew arrived on site, they found that ground conditions consisted of basalt, sandstone and clays. It was a heavily trafficked residential area, with two schools along the path of the sewer line to be installed. The sewer was to be installed at depths between 6-9m.

The microtunnelling installation was completed without incident in December 2014, with client and contractor both happy with the works completed by the Pezzimenti Trenchless crew.

South East Water also recently engaged the services of the Pezzimenti team, in their case during the installation of the Ryan Road Branch Sewer in Pakenham, located 56km south-east of the Melbourne CBD.

Azzona Drainage and Smec Urban were the lead contractors for this project, a new branch sewer to cater for future residential growth in the area.

The scope of the microtunnelling works was for the installation of 1,100m of 450 and 500mm Flowtite GRP Jacking pipe, and 160m of 700mm RC Jacking Pipe by microtunnelling.

The sewer was to be installed at depths between 6-10m in ground conditions which consisted of clay and wet sandy clays.

A unique aspect of this particular project was that 50 per cent of the works were completed through the Pakenham Golf course, all of which was done without interrupting play during the course of the installation. The Pezzimenti team finished their involvement on site in January 2015, with client and contractor pleased with the results.

As trenchless technologies such as microtunnelling become more commonplace on the job site, utilities are well placed to take advantage of the unique benefits these technologies offer.

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