Malcolm Turnbull MP has come out swinging after MyRepublic CEO Malcolm Rodriguez said the NBN’s multi-technology mix will be a ‘sh*t’ network.  

According to Mr Turnbull, “It is a good sign that RSPs are looking to break into the market, to challenge the business models of the incumbents and give consumers more choice.”

“And insofar as Mr Rodrigues, from Singapore based MyRepublic, is trying to stimulate more demand for higher-end products, that too is a good thing.  As I say at nearly every ‘Politics in the Pub’ or town hall meeting I attend, we need more people buying more products on the nbn.  It is, after all, a business and we need the money.”

“But while I understand the need for Mr Rodrigues to generate some publicity as he seeks to get a foothold in the Australian market, it’s worth putting some of his comments into perspective.”

Read more on Mr Turnbull’s blog

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