Every now and again a new player in an industry totally revolutionises the traditional way things have always been done. Wrighteye Industries is that company – innovators in the inspection of water reservoirs for the water and mining industries.

Wrighteye Industries specialises in the use of robotics in underwater environments. Services include infrastructure inspection and intervention in dams, reservoirs, tanks and pipelines; as well as subsurface mapping and environmental management services, such as water quality management.

Remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) are used in support roles, monitoring and communicating a safe working environment, while reporting full and ongoing situational awareness back to the client.

As unmanned vehicle specialists, Wrighteye Industries leads the way in innovation and safety, and helps to significantly lower clients’ operating costs by:

  • Reducing insurance risk and liability
  • Reducing the need for divers at sites where there may be risks from dive time/depth exposure
  • Providing accurate data in real-time
  • Offering aerial capability via the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Wrighteye’s directors are Mike Wright, an environmental scientist with extensive water experience, and Simon Wright, a world-class ROV operator/supervisor with nine years’ experience in offshore ROV operations.

Their team consists of some of the most experienced ROV pilots in Australia, with experience in global subsea operations for the oil and gas industry over the past decade.

Recent clients include Sydney Water, Goulburn Valley Water and BHP, all of whom were glowing in their praise for the work completed and the outcomes of the projects.

Mike and Simon believe this is thanks to their proactive attitude, their ability to strategically use cutting-edge technology to customise a solution for your specific conditions, and their ability to draw upon years of experience and problem-solving abilities to ensure work sites have minimum downtime and optimum data collection to alleviate any future problems.

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