The contract for the second stage of a major section of capital transmission works in Western Sydney has been awarded to UEA Electrical. UEA Electrical had previously been awarded the first stage of the 132kV works.

The project will commence in September 2013, with completion expected in June 2014. The construction of this project will comprise the installation of many kilometres of 33kV cable within an underground cable culvert.

The UEA Electrical Project Manager Alan Harding said “This project revolves heavily around switching availability and load levels on the existing 33kV network in the area, throughout the summer peak period. Planning will be critical and we will have to ensure that all of our resources are aware of the works program while ensuring that we complete as much of the works pre-outage as possible, in order to deliver within the restricted outage times”.

The complete project involves:

•             Installation of over 16kms of 33,000 metres of 630sqmm XLPE cable

•             Termination of over eighty 33kV Pfisterer GIS sealing ends

•             Termination of twelve 33kV UGOH terminations/outdoor sealing ends

•             Installation of twelve 21m concrete poles and associated 33kV linework

•             Installation and splicing of over 6000 meters of fibre optic cable

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