Fitzroy River Water has raised the 100th sewer access chamber for the year in the Rockhampton region of Queensland as part of the Access Chambers Raising Program.

The Access Chambers Raising Program allows FRW staff to access the underground sewer main for maintenance, clearing of blockages and provides an overflow relief system external from houses.

The Rockhampton City Council’s Water Committee Chair, Councillor Greg Belz said the Access Chambers Raising Program will help provide infrastructure for future generations.

“Access chambers are mostly found in backyards on private properties, and can become overgrown and inaccessible” said Cr Belz.

“Access chambers are an important component of our infrastructure and the raising of these chambers will enable easier access for future maintenance of the sewer network.

“FRW crews raised the 100th sewer access chamber this morning in Rockhampton and I commend FRW on reaching this milestone under the Access Chambers Raising Program.

“The Access Chambers Raising Program falls under FRW’s $2.83 million Sewer Rehabilitation Program.”

Fitzroy River Water is improving the sewerage infrastructure throughout the region by relining deteriorated and damaged sewer mains across the network. This work will prevent the potential failure of the sewer main and extend its operational life.

As at 1 May 2014, the length of sewer mains were:

  • Rockhampton 577.2km
  • Gracemere 111.6km
  • Mt Morgan 10.6km.


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