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Reece Civil and Viadux have joined forces to deliver the most complete range of pipe products to the utility industry.

At Reece Civil and Viadux, we’re dedicated to you and your industry. We listen to what you need, and then make sure we deliver it to you by carrying the best products and providing the best service, for all underground pipe networks – including water, gas, and sewer mains, telecommunications, electrical, and fire services. We think of our suppliers as partners, and work with them closely to develop and deliver the most innovative new products and a most extensive range, like we’ve done with REHAU AWASHAFT and Flowtite GRP System.

AWASHAFT installation.

Using REHAU AWASHAFT means no delays

The next time you install a maintenance shaft, prevent the usual installation delays by using REHAU AWASHAFT. It’s the straightforward polymer maintenance shaft. With REHAU AWASHAFT there’s none of the moulding, pouring, or curing time that you get with concrete maintenance shafts, so installation takes a matter of hours, rather than days. Simply excavate, drop the AWASHAFT in, and backfill.

Plus, the quicker and easier installation means you’ll save on labour costs too. An AWASHAFT is 95 per cent lighter than a concrete shaft, so you don’t need any heavy machinery to get it into place. Your installers can simply pick it up and place it where it’s needed – minimal labour equals minimal time on site. And when it comes to durability, AWASHAFT has a certified 100-year service life, so you’ll have a trouble-free asset for generations to come.

Flowtite filament wound pipe ready for installation

Flowtite GRP lasts generations

We’re also now the exclusive home of Flowtite GRP. High-strength, lightweight, eco-friendly, and Australian-made, Flowtite GRP has been designed to last generations. It’s globally trusted, with more than 70,000km of Flowtite pipes transporting water around the world every day.

Built as a structural sandwich, using exclusive continuous filament winding technology, Flowtite GRP’s high-strength continuous glassfibres resist the hoop stresses from internal pressure, while the chopped fibres provide excellent resistance to axial stresses, impact, and handling loads.

Plus, Flowtite GRP is Australian-made. This means there’s no waiting for product to arrive from overseas, which makes your jobs more efficient, and Flowtite’s partnership with Reece Civil and Viadux means that sourcing and delivery is easy. With the complete and exclusive Flowtite range, our team will help you find a product to suit your needs, and make selecting, ordering, and delivering your next project more convenient.

Need more reasons to choose Reece Civil and Viadux? No matter what brand or product you need, our dedicated and experienced civil teams have deep sector expertise and can help you with all your product queries, specs, and more.

With over 50 Reece Civil and Viadux branches across Australia, supported by Reece’s national network of plumbing branches, you’ll get your products whenever and wherever you need them. Visit your local branch to find out how we can help you.

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