ZNX Network Services Victoria has renewed their operations and maintenance contract with United Energy (UE), with an option to extend to June 2021.

The contract, worth approximately $475M, covers the 24/7 operations, maintenance and augmentation of the northern region of the UE electricity distribution network in Victoria, covering over 315,000 customers.

Kevin McGrath, General Manager of ZNX, commented, “We will continue to focus on safety and the application of innovation for our client. We’ve worked hard to foster these values throughout our partnership with UE since 2012”.

The introduction of mobile technology, improved GIS technology and Six Sigma methodologies are amongst a number of initiatives that have improved ZNX’s efficiency and safety, while delivering increased reliability to UE’s network.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to continue the work we’ve started with UE, and to ensure UE’s customers continue to get the most reliability from the electricity network at the lowest possible cost,” said Mr McGrath.

ZNX and Zinfra are delivery brands of Zinfra Group.  Zinfra Group was launched in 2012 and delivers engineering, maintenance and construction services to the utility infrastructure sectors.  The Zinfra brand delivers design and construction services, while ZNX delivers operations, maintenance and program management services.

L-R: Kevin McGrath, GM ZNX; Louren Edwards, CFO, Zinfra Group; Ross Musgrove, General Manager Service Delivery, United Energy Distribution; Steven MacDonald, Managing Director, Zinfra Group.

Michael Thomson, General Manager Service Delivery; George Tziokas, Contract Performance Manager; Ann Hayes, Chief Financial Officer; and Rob Sarafian, General Counsel and Company Secretary, all from United Energy and Multinet Gas.

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