Erosion on the banks of the Caboolture River.

Unitywater will undergo an $8 million project to rejuvenate 2.4kms of eroding shoreline along Queensland’s Caboolture river, repairing nutrient loss at nine separate sites.

The Caboolture River Nutrient Offset Project, which includes collaboration with Healthy Land and Water as the construction partner, will repair nine riverbank sites to offset nutrients discharged to the river from Unitywater’s nearby Burpengary East Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

Unitywater Executive Manager Sustainable Infrastructure Services, Daniel Lambert, said the project would increase biodiversity and fish habitat while stabilising sections of riverbank.

“We’re planting 30,000 seedlings and the project will provide an estimated carbon sequestration of 34 tonnes of CO2 per year,” Mr Lambert said.

Mr Lambert said the works would reduce the amount of nutrients entering waterways, which offset the nutrients that were discharged following the sewage treatment process.

“The population growth in this area will place a lot of extra pressure on both the environment and on our sewage infrastructure and this project will provide offsets for the equivalent of an additional load on our Burpengary East STP of 5500 people,” Mr Lambert said.

“Nutrient offsetting here is a more cost-effective option that provides flexibility in upgrading STPs. It enables us to make a positive contribution to our environment and community spaces by doing what we can to preserve the health of local waterways.

“Apart from being the right thing to do, this is also a condition of our licence to operate and it helps us meet the challenges of population growth and climate change. We look forward to seeing and sharing the results of this exciting project.”

Mr Lambert said the project would also help Unitywater achieve its sustainability goals of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, net zero biosolid waste to landfill and net zero nutrients to waterways by 2050.

Feature Image: Erosion on the banks of the Caboolture River. Photo: Unitywater.

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