NBN Co has signed a new service agreement with Australian company Universal Communications Group Limited (UCG) to connect single-dwelling units to the NBN fibre network in Tasmania, New South Wales, and the ACT.

These connections will be performed as ‘bulk drops’, a process which entails connecting the fibre optic cables that have already been installed in the street to the wall of the premise.

UCG has been connecting multi-dwelling units to the NBN directly for NBN Co since 2012. The contract further cements UCG’s relationship with the Australian NBN Co.

UCG CEO, Ralf Luna, said: “The new contract extends UCG’s capability to single-dwelling units, predominantly private households.”

“We are particularly proud of our Tasmanian operations. We’ve been active in the state since 1995 and this new contract will allow us to more than double our workforce from the current number of around 105 by employing local people and engaging local businesses.”

The company has been engaged to manage this growing area of work for NBN Co, principally for the already-deployed network.

NBN Co CEO, Bill Morrow, said: “Our job is to enable every home and business in Australia to connect to the NBN. But there is a significant backlog of premises passed by fibre that are not yet serviceable. UCG has the skills and expertise to help make these homes and businesses NBN-ready. Their work will mean more people will be able to experience the benefits of fast broadband sooner.”

UCG is a specialist multi-dwelling unit design and construction provider with experience in delivering high volume telecommunications deployments across a variety of technologies.

Universal Communications Group’s NBN projects include:

NBN Second release sites MDU Design and Construction

Duration: 24 Months
Project value: $21M

Universal Communications Group Limited has signed a contract for design and construction services covering a number of MDUs in Tasmania and metropolitan Sydney.

Sanctuary Cove Community FTTH Network

Duration: Ongoing
Project value: $15M

Design, Construction and Operations & Maintenance contract for the delivery of a triple play FTTH network to the Sanctuary Cove Community on the QLD Gold Coast. This fibre network delivers FTA and PayTV, Broadband and Telephony services, with over 1,000 brownfield and 900 greenfield customers. This project includes customer and technical support, billing and NOC services and 24/7 onsite maintenance of the network for a 5 plus 5 year period.

University of New England (Armidale) NBN

MDU Design and Construction
Duration: 12 Months
Project value: $2M

Design and Construction for residential and academic campuses on behalf of lead contractor (Silcar). UCG has assisted NBN Co define the MDU reference designs, and set the processes in place for volume survey and design activity including the building management design approval. The scope is for survey and design for over 120 buildings and 4000 end points and construction for over 3000 end points.

NBN First release sites MDU Design and Construction

Duration: 12 Months
Project value: $2M

Design and Construction for residential, commercial and mixed use MDUs in all NBN First Release sites including 7 FSAMs in TAS. This covers over 500 properties in 12 FSAMs.

South Brisbane Exchange FTTH Upgrade

Duration: 18 Months
Project value: $6M

Design and Construction contract for the installation of fibre networks into existing Multi Dwelling buildings as part of the Telstra, South Brisbane Exchange Upgrade project. UCG as an approved Telstra Panel Contractor is assisting Telstra with the upgrade of the existing copper based services to over 16,000 users, to an NBNco compliant FTTH network.

NBN Greenfield MDU Construction

Duration: Ongoing
Project value: $1.5M

Construction for residential, commercial and mixed use large MDUs in NSW and QLD as part of the NBN Greenfield deployment program.

Brentwood Retirement Village FTTH Network

Duration: 6 months
Project value: $400K

Design, Construction


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