Australian Private Networks (APN) supplies fixed and portable satellite internet services to allow internet connectivity at utility sites in even the most remote Australian locations. APN was recently contracted by State Gas Limited (ASX:GAS) to devise a solution for its remote gas extraction operations. Located in central Queensland, its projects are in remote places lacking fixed-line communications services with no mobile coverage.

With the number of well sites growing, State Gas required an IoT monitoring solution that could be transported between locations as new well sites are commissioned, and existing ones decommissioned.

In addition to the well sites themselves, a camp is situated on-site, and is the base of operations for the project. Anywhere between two and ten employees are stationed on location at any given time.

State Gas required a satellite connectivity solution that could connect their workers online at the campsite and connect active well sites for continuous IoT remote site monitoring.

APN worked with State Gas to determine the necessary PIR speeds and contention ratios that would provide the project’s optimal results, both at the camp and for the well sites.

With over 1TB required for the camp per month and up to 5GB for each well site, APN’s Unleashed unlimited data satellite broadband and IoT monitoring services were the perfect fit for the requirements.

The camp would be connected on a 30mbps/5mbps connection, with a 20:1 contention ratio, ensuring workers would have the connectivity they required. For the well sites, APN devised an IoT monitoring solution tailored to the unique requirements of the internet services.

With a 5mbps/5mbps service and a 35:1 contention ratio, the sites would be able to provide round-the-clock data back to the camp and offsite servers whilst maximising each service’s cost-effectiveness.

With each service, APN included business-grade satellite modems, WiFi routers, and its in-house built SatFinder unit. SatFinder (pictured above) allows end-users to manually move the satellite dish and realign it with ease at a new location.

Following installation of services at the sites, staff are now able to complete their daily business activities online without restriction, and without any limit to their data use. They can engage in MS Teams meetings with company HQ and even have the freedom to use the service in their downtime, without worrying about using up a limited data allowance.

The IoT remote monitoring solution enabled through connected well sites has led to significant increases in productivity, with monitoring now able to be completed from the camp instead of requiring an in-person trip out to the wells to collect the necessary data.

Maintenance costs have also been reduced as a result of remote monitoring, with maintenance teams no longer needing to do regular physical inspections of well sites to ensure they are fully operational.

“The APN solution gives us the connectivity we need to get the job done on-site, with the flexibility to shuffle around our well site services as we require, without external assistance. The ability to relocate services with ease and with minimal fuss is a real competitive advantage for us.” – Field Manager, State Gas (QLD)

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