Coliban Water has completed slip-lining works onf a historic 90-year old pipeline in Eaglehawk, Victoria, as part of ongoing works to enhance water security for rural customers in the area. 

The pipeline stretches over two kilometres, extending from Upper California Gully Road to Butts Road.

Coliban Water Manager Infrastructure, Corey Bourne, said the works are part of an upgrade which will enable greater flexibility to supply water to rural customers on the Cockatoo Hill Channel.

The completed works mean rural customers can be supplied with either raw water from Cockatoo Hill Reservoir or recycled water from Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant.

“As we manage demand into the future, we may deliver from either of these two supply sources,” Mr Bourne said.

“Customer’s normal drinking water has not been impacted and is still supplied through a separate treated water pipeline.”

The Victoria Street siphon provided raw water to Cockatoo Hill by connecting an open channel near Turner Street in California Gully to an open channel in Wilkinson Street, Eaglehawk. Works on the siphon began in January 2023 and concluded early May 2023.  

It ran adjacent to Victoria Street before being converted to an enclosed pipeline more than 90 years ago. It was then decommissioned around 15 years ago due to leaks near Butts Road.

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