WA Water Minister Terry Redman has announced the completion of a $40million upgrade to the Busselton Wastewater Treatment Plant to cater for the area’s growing population.

Mr Redman said the upgrade would double the plant’s capacity from 4.5 million to nine million litres per day and improve the quality of treated wastewater produced.

“The upgrade of this essential piece of infrastructure will facilitate growth in the City of Busselton and ensure the wastewater treatment plant can meet peak summer demand,” he said.

“Fit-for-purpose treated wastewater is used to irrigate the local golf course, which recycles about 30 per cent of summer flows, reducing discharge to the environment.

“Water recycling plays an important role in sustainable wastewater management and the Water Corporation will continue to work with the City of Busselton and other key stakeholders to investigate further recycling opportunities.”

The upgraded treatment plant uses specialised technology to ensure the total amount of nutrient discharge does not increase in the near future, despite an anticipated increase in wastewater flows.

“The nutrient discharge from the wastewater treatment plant to the environment will not exceed limits set out in the 2010 Vasse-Wonnerup Wetlands and Geographe Bay Water Quality Improvement Plan,” the Minister said.

An infill sewerage project in the Abbey and Broadwater areas to connect 379 residential lots to a central wastewater system will begin in late 2013.

Fact File

  • The Water Corporation provides wastewater services to 8,927 residential and 1,241 commercial properties in Busselton
  • $40milion upgrade will cater for expected population growth in Busselton to 2030
  • An improvement in treatment processes and odour management were also part of the plant upgrade

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