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Urban Utilities’ newly launched plan, Our Water Way, is set to help shape a secure water future for South East Queensland.

Our Water Way outlines the role Urban Utilities and its customers will play in ensuring a plentiful, affordable and diverse water supply for the future.

Urban Utilities Executive Leader of Integrated Solutions, Chris Bulloch, said water is at the heart of South East Queensland’s lifestyle, with the quality of life – jobs, businesses and communities – depending on it.

“We can’t take water for granted,” Mr Bulloch said.

“Although we’re no longer in drought, our population is expected to grow by two million people over the next 25 years and our climate is changing, which will mean more and longer droughts in the future.

“We’re planning well ahead to ensure water security for our region for generations to come and we’re working to help everyone understand what that involves.” 

Mr Bulloch said Our Water Way was about caring for the water we have today and creating the water we need for the future.

“We can all help care for our water today by continuing to use water efficiently in our homes and businesses and at Urban Utilities we’re also focussed on increasing our water reuse for industry, agriculture and irrigation, to ease pressure on our drinking water supplies,” Mr Bulloch said.

“Water security is also about having enough water, whatever the weather, and for our region that will mean exploring all options to ensure a secure and diverse supply, including climate-independent sources of water such as desalination and purified recycled water.”

The plan also outlines Urban Utilities’ aim to reshape the water cycle from the traditional ‘catchment to sea model’ of water use, to a more circular model that manages water more sustainably.

“We’re already exploring opportunities to design and build innovative and sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure for key Olympic and Paralympic precincts that will form part of our network to support activities such as cooling and greening,” Mr Bulloch said.

“This is not just a local issue. Around Australia and the world, the way we use and look after water is becoming more of a priority and we’re proud to play our part in supporting a secure water future for South East Queensland.”

Our Water Way works in coordination with bulk water supplier Seqwater’s Water Security Program for the region.

Urban Utilities has launched a new online community hub, WaterTalk, for its customers to get involved in the conversation about water security.

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