According to Cesare Tizi, Principal Consultant for Utilities at CSC, explosive growth in the number of networked mobile smart devices is increasing users’ expectations for anytime, anywhere connection to family, friends, businesses and places of work.

People expect to be able to shop, pay bills, research products and services and connect with colleagues at the office via digital channels every day.

To fulfill these expectations and stay relevant in today’s digital world, businesses need to become ‘digital enterprises.’

One of the biggest challenges for a Water Utility in 2015 is understanding how moving to a digital enterprise can help achieve your existing business priorities of:

  • Cost control and efficiency
  • Realignment and response to market shifts and Government regulations
  • The need for revenue growth and innovation.

This organisation-wide journey comes with many challenges however our experience tells us these are normal growing pains as all utilities inevitably move into the Digital Economy.

Utilities around the world are being transformed by the social networks, connectivity and mobility provided by the Digital Economy. The rate of which utilities make these transformational changes dictates the speed of which they can capture the benefits and get consumer attention in this new digital space.

As water utilities digitise over the coming years with smart meters, cloud and Internet of Things (IoT), they need to transform internally across all areas of the business, including the in-house IT departments.

Read more on the implications, host of challenges and subtlety of this transformation. CSC can help you identify and plan your journey to generate hard business value along the path to a Digital Enterprise.

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