The MALÅ Easy Locator pioneered ground penetrating radar utility locating and became the industry standard to which all later products are compared. Built on this massive success, MALÅ introduces the new patented Easy Locator High Dynamic Range (HDR).

The MALÅ Easy Locator HDR is faster, even easier to use, more powerful and delivers cleaner data with more detail at up to 20 per cent better penetration depth to comparable systems.

Where traditional GPR systems are slow and blurred, the patented HDR technology deploys real-time signal sampling, which effectively allows survey speeds at up to 300 km/h whilst delivering super-crisp images.

Advances in the design and construction of buried utilities have resulted in the ever increasing use of non-metallic materials. Locating professionals know the difficulties associated with non-metallic utilities and that conventional locating tools leave you a few pieces short.

Ground penetrating radar is the only technology available that doesn’t require physical connection to the utility, and doesn’t rely on electromagnetic radiation from the utility. The MALÅ Easy Locator series was designed to meet the requirements of the locating industry and has become the standard ground penetrating radar utility locating tool.

The MALÅ Easy Locator HDR looks at first glance similar to its predecessor and is keeping all the much-loved features and functions but offers major improvements in data quality, power management and speed. While the Easy Locator’s well-known look and feel is kept intact, the user interface is made even simpler and clearer. Collected data is of unprecedented quality and maximum continuous run-time is now 14 hours. The new Easy Locator HDR also includes a built-in DGPS receiver, simplifying positioning of identified utilities.

For more information on the new MALÅ Easy Locator HDR contact MALÅ GPR Australia on 0438 278 902 or


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