Seqwater (QLD) has teamed up with the Noosa and District Landcare Group to improve catchment resilience in a continued effort to achieve a sustainable water supply for the growing region’s future.

Seqwater signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the group to partner on initiatives to improve raw water quality outcomes in the Upper Mary, Six Mile, Yabba and Obi Obi catchment areas.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Peter Dennis said the alliance would assist both organisations to deliver their goals of maintaining the health of the region’s catchments for long-term water security.

“Noosa and District Landcare Group is an existing Seqwater contractor for catchment services in the Sunshine Coast region. By extending our relationship to include greater catchment programs, we can deliver a shared program for whole-of-catchment health,” Mr Dennis said.

“The three year MoU will formalise our partnership to identify opportunities on which we can work collaboratively to ensure our catchments are managed effectively and efficiently.

“Together we plan to explore and deliver works which aim to enhance catchments in the Upper Mary, Six Mile, Yabba and Obi Obi as small scale preventative measures across the catchment provide increased protection of raw water quality. This is a well-recognised technique for reducing the need for treatment costs of the drinking water supply.”

Mr Dennis said 96 per cent of Seqwater’s catchments were community-owned.

“We aim to support the community to help manage our water supply. By partnering with respected community organisations such as the Noosa and District Landcare Group, we can encourage a holistic approach to sustainable water management and restrict costs for future generations,” he said.

“The program of work encompasses a wide range of capacity building and education services which not only benefit the community through technical and vocational training, but deliver tangible outcomes by promoting partnership arrangements with landholders that directly link to Seqwater’s raw water intakes.”

Mr Dennis said the local community would be greater informed of practical targets and encouraged to work on outcomes which restored and protected the sustainability of their drinking water supply.

“The development and implementation of natural resource management will be more effective through a collaborative approach,” he said.

“Seqwater is committed to working with the Noosa District and Landcare Group, as well as other community groups and associations, to enhance and develop the planning, management and monitoring of water improvements to ensure the region’s resources are sustainable now and into the future.”

Noosa and District Landcare Group General Manager Phillip Moran said the group was excited to partner with Seqwater under the agreement.

“The partnership presents an opportunity for our group to continue to expand its rehabilitation of our catchment area, which fits neatly with Seqwater’s whole-of-catchment approach,” Mr Moran said.

“We have worked closely with landowners in our region for over 23 years and we look forward to continuing to work with these committed people in repairing and revegetating their land.

“Landowners doing their bit on their own land not only benefits water quality, but also improves habitat for wildlife and addresses the effects of climate change.

“Through this agreement we look forward to engaging the youth of our area in educational programs. These people represent our future.”

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