Horizon Power is urging the community of Derby (WA) to report vandalism of infrastructure, in an effort to maintain a safe and reliable power supply.

Spokesperson for Horizon Power, Jodie Lynch said, “ It is always disappointing when vandalism causes an unnecessary outage, but more importantly, it is dangerous.  

“Overnight our crews have located a piece of fencing wire, hanging over the High Voltage Line near the Menning Transformer between two feeders.  As the wind blew, the fault was continually exacerbated and posed a real safety issue to our crews, as they worked to restore power.”

Earlier this month, up to 484 customers experienced a loss of supply for up to 72 minutes. All but 25 customers were restored within 72 minutes as crews worked to locate the fault.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the damage, additional faults to customers occurred throughout the day and following night as crews worked throughout the night to restore power to all customers.  

Horizon Power appreciates that these outages caused disruption to our customers and are urging the public to immediately report any damage to infrastructure to police as soon as possible.  

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