Vermeer introduced a new telematics system at the 2013 International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. The InSite asset management system (InSite) is designed for utility construction contractors and provides real-time machine data so that fleet managers and business owners can make informed decisions on how they utilise and maintain their equipment.

“The InSite asset management system provides asset owners the ability to receive real-time machine data, which allows them to make informed decisions,” said Jon Kuyers, Global Product Manager for underground at Vermeer. “Having quick access to usable information provides owners with a competitive advantage to potentially improve productivity.”

The InSite system provides real-time data on a machine’s utilisation, health and maintenance needs. This system was designed for utility construction fleet owners, whether they are large fleet owners or smaller contractors. A contractor/equipment owner can quickly gather information on hours of machine operation and fuel consumption and diagnose errors based on alerts received. In addition, machine owners can benefit from GPS positioning functionality to track a machine’s location, utilisation and scheduling, as well as function as a theft deterrent. The major features of the InSite system are:

Machine health monitoring: Provides alerts for specific machine functions which help identify when issues may occur

GPS locating: Reduces amount of time it takes to locate an active or inactive machine, as well as acts as a theft deterrent with user-defined geographical parameters

Machine utilisation: Allows fleet manager or owner to remotely monitor machine hours and fuel usage, enabling for proactive maintenance scheduling and helping to manage operating costs

For more information on Vermeer products and services, visit the company’s website at or email Vermeer at [email protected].

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