With workplace health and safety a major issue on Australian construction sites, Viega’s products enable you to get the job done safely in a much shorter space of time.

Herston Quarter is a new master planned health and wellbeing precinct, located in the heart of Brisbane. The $1.1 billion redevelopment is being delivered by Australian Unity, in partnership with Metro North Hospital and Health Service, and will create a mixed-use precinct with multiple integrated buildings, including the Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS).

STARS is a new specialist public health facility, currently under construction by national construction company Watpac. As part of the construction of this $340 million purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility, Watpac and its preferred hydraulics sub-contractor, the Queensland owned and based CCP&D Pty Ltd, will utilise thousands of potable copper water fittings supplied by Viega to ensure staff, patients and visitors have access to high-quality water every time they turn on a tap.

Viega’s Propress pressfit solutions eliminate workplace hazards and CCP&D project manager Jake Tooma says using the products to reduce corrosion potential for STARS’s drinking water installations “completely eliminates” the hazards associated with soldering and brazing fittings.

“Using Propress means you remove the need and mitigate the risk in the use of traditional installation tools and techniques such as oxy-acetylene welding,” Mr Tooma said.

“This reduces risks associated with welding in close proximity to other services, working with extremely hot surfaces, and lugging around heavy oxy-acetylene sets. This makes the process so much easier. And with workplace health and safety a major issue on Australian construction sites, Viega’s products mean that you can get the job done safely in a much shorter space of time.”

Hygiene and safety vital for healthcare

The demands placed on the construction and operation of hospitals, aged care centres and other healthcare facilities are enormous – and will continue to as our aging population soars. A central challenge is to maintain high standards of hygiene and safety. In addition to the medical sector, this also concerns the maintenance of drinking water quality and structural fire protection.

For example, to prevent dirt from being introduced into the drinking water installation, Viega pipe systems are pressed rather than soldered. This connection technology is extremely leak-proof and faster than most alternative installation methods. And, as Jake explains, a lot easier to work with.

“We go to extensive measures to ensure the health and safety of our workers whilst delivering high-quality potable water systems in accordance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines on all our projects,” Mr Tooma said.

“So, using the Viega system including its battery operated pressguns – which are as easy to use as a cordless drill – are simple yet highly effective tools. It’s easy to move around because they’re lightweight, especially if you’re working in confined spaces.”

Viega’s pressing tools can be used with one hand, feature a 180-degree rotational head for maximum flexibility, and can be operated with minimal training.

“From project managers to apprentices, Viega’s pressguns are extremely easy to use,” says Jake.

“And knowing that Viega has been manufacturing zero-lead bronze fittings for several years now provides further peace of mind.”

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Image courtesy Australian Unity.

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