The University of Western Australia, the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) and Water Corporation have collaborated on a joint research and development project to trial automated data analysis software to help save water.

The software uses hourly water use data supplied by smart water meters to identify irrigation habits, allowing water utilities to tailor engagement with individual customers.

As part of the joint research and development project, the hourly water use data from 3,557 residential households in a Western Australian town was used to develop an analysis of irrigation habits.

This led to the development of an algorithm, which was able to identify the irrigation habits of 76 per cent of the trial households.

Identified habits were then categorised based on the frequency and volume of water used by each household.

Water utilities can use this information to work with customers when irrigation systems are using excessive amounts of water.

This may indicate a leak within the irrigation system, or that it has been set incorrectly.  

By detecting inefficient irrigation practices, this allows customers to save precious water and money on their next bill.

The software is based on the CRCWSC’s broader C5.1 project.

The project aims to develop innovative analysis techniques for smart water data to optimise the efficiency and safety of urban water systems and to learn more about water consumption behaviours of customers.

The project focuses on smart household water meters and water pumping in pipe delivery systems that manage water from alternative sources. 

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